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How to Pay Rent?


To make a payment online, please login to your Resident Portal. If you are not currently signed up, it only takes a minute and you will be able to view your account balance, request maintenance, and more! Simply visit, select your community, click “Pay Rent Online” and create an account!


Pay online now through your Resident Portal! You can even set up recurring monthly payments so your rent is never late!  Best part?  IT’S FREE!  No more monthly online payment transaction fees when you pay directly via a checking or savings account (ACH).


The easiest way to pay your rent is online!  You may also drop off your check or money order at the leasing office. We have a drop box if you happen to miss us after regular hours. You may also mail your payment to the leasing office, just be sure to allow adequate time for delivery.



  • If your toilet is backed up, insert a plunger into toilet at a slight angle, covering the drain. Hold onto the plunger handle with both hands and slowly, but forcefully, plunge the drain. If the first attempt does not succeed, try again. Contact the Rental Office if the clog can not be removed.
  • Drain cleaners like Drano or Liquid Plumber are very powerful and dangerous chemicals that can cause severe personal injury, especially if an obstruction is in the drain. Please do not use drain clog removers in an attempt to unclog any drain or toilet as this may cause damage to the pipes.
  • You should have received a plunger in your apartment when you moved in. If you did not, please contact the Rental Office and they will arrange for you to get one.
  • If your toilet is leaking, turn the water valve off and contact the Rental Office.


  • A good rule of thumb is to avoid putting non-food items in the disposal, or items that you would not eat. Also, running water while the disposal is in use will help soften and wash items down the drain.
  • If the garbage disposal is not working, turn off the switch and check for jammed items. If something is jammed, carefully attempt to remove it. Push the “Reset” button located under the sink on the garbage disposal.
  • Contact the Rental Office if your garbage disposal is not functioning after trying the above steps.


  • Using anything other than dishwasher detergent (such as soap) in your dishwasher will cause excess suds and leaking. Use only dishwasher detergent to avoid damage and a mess!


  • Keep the fan set to “Auto”.
  • Change the thermostat temperature no more than 5 degrees at a time.
  • Keep windows, blinds, and doors closed to conserve energy.
  • If the outside temperature is extremely high, the inside temperature will probably not cool to lower than 75 degrees.
  • Close vents to allow cool air to flow into those rooms used more often.
  • If ice forms on the interior or exterior coils, turn the unit off and call the Rental Office.


  • In a townhouse, close upstairs vents to conserve heat and energy.
  • Keep the temperature setting above 60 degrees to help avoid frozen pipes.
  • Keep the fan set to “Auto”.
  • Change the temperature no more than 5 degrees at a time.
  • If the outside temperature is below freezing, the inside temperature will probably not heat to above 75 degrees.
  • When turned on for the first time, an initial smoke smell is normal. If the smell lingers for more than 10 minutes turn the unit off and call the Rental Office.


  • If you smell gas, turn the gas valve OFF. If the odor is strong, leave your apartment and contact the Rental Office immediately.
  • NEVER try to relight the pilot light yourself.


  • If experiencing a spark from an electrical stove do not attempt to operate. Contact the Rental Office immediately.
  • If the pilot light is out, do not attempt to relight. Contact the Rental Office instead.


  • If experiencing any arch or spark from a receptacle, do not attempt to operate. Contact the Rental Office immediately.
  • If power is out completely out in your apartment, contact the power company to determine if something is going on in the area. If the problem appears to be just within your apartment, contact the Rental Office.
  • If you have a maintenance emergency, please call the Maintenance number for your community as listed below. If you would like to place a maintenance request online, you can do so through your Resident Portal.




  • Broken entrance door lock
  • Broken first floor window
  • Gas leak or pilot light out
  • Inoperative refrigerator/freezer
  • Inoperative smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector (where applicable)
  • Inoperative stove
  • Kitchen sink stopped up (8 AM – 5 PM only)
  • No air conditioning (if outside temperature is 75 degrees or above or predicted to
  • be 75 degrees or above)
  • No heat (if outside temperature is below 65 degrees)
  • No hot water
  • Overflowing or broken toilet causing leaks
  • Power completely out in your apartment
  • Stopped up toilet (only if 1-toilet apartment)
  • Wall-mounted sink loose or fallen off wall
  • Water leak

If you have a maintenance emergency, please call numbers below:


Central Virginia

Richmond: Downtown/Fan
Altamont 804.716.7399
Berkshire 804.644.7861
Biggs Building Apartments 804.649.0591
Columbia Apartments 804.649.0591
Cornish Brewery 804.649.0591
Courtyard Lofts 804.716.7399
Grace Street Lofts 804.649.0591
Julians 804.649.0591
Osprey Lofts 804.716.7399
Popkin Tavern 804.649.0591
Scott’s Edge 804.241.6860
Shockoe Cary 804.649.0591
The Poythress Building 804.649.0591

Richmond: Downtown/Manchester
12th and Bainbridge 804.649.0591
City View Lofts 804.525.5667
Historic Manchester Townhomes 804.649.0591
Riverside Apartments 804.240.7361

Richmond:East End
Honey Brook 804.226.2600
Townhomes of Oakleys 804.222.3885

Richmond: Southside
Deering Manor 804.230.4456
Manchester Lake 804.276.5474
Timbercreek 804.276.7973
Townhouses of Chesterfield 804.477.6200

Richmond: Near West End
Georgetown Apartments 804.353.4511
Kent Road Village 804.353.4511

Richmond: West End
Fox Rest Apartments 804.262.5444
Sundance Station 804.270.7291
Three Willows 804.270.2480
Williamsburg Park 804.270.1453

Richmond: Glen Allen
The Links at Virginia Center 804.262.4242

Richmond: Mechanicsville
Hunter’s Woods 804.746.9469

Twin Rivers Apartments 804.541.4066

Western Virginia

Ivy Garden 434.220.6650

Longview Oaks 540.433.0228
Pheasant Run 540.801.0660

Manchester Townhomes 540.885.4580
Parkwood Apartments 540.885.4580
St. Clair Apartments 540.885.4580

South Eastern Virginia

The Birches 757.420.2323

Larchmont 757.489.8929
Riverpoint Apartments 757.423.2102

Virginia Beach
Bayville Apartments 757.460.0115
Indian Lakes 757.467.9107


Willow Ridge 828.254.3322

Chapel Hill
Laurel Ridge 919.967.6918
Rock Creek 919.967.2111

Crystal Village 919.382.8032
Stonewood Apartments 919.477.1456

River Haven 919.713.2424